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About Us


Artists and intellectuals can play a pivotal role in bringing about mass awakening .Their ability to effectively portray human pathos and communicate sublime thoughts as well as noble ideals can inspire people and infuse new zeal and dynamism in society.Forums for value-oriented intellectuals will help analyze the plethora of problems confronting humanity,and evolve effective solutions for progressive social image.

Renaissance Artists and Writers Associations(R.A.W.A)   is a constituted body of renaissance universal (R.U) which promotes progressive art and literature .The theme of R.A.W.A. IS “Art for Service and blessedness” rather than ‘Art for art’s sake’. Art and literature that are truly worthwhile should embody the spirit of human welfare .Artists or litterateur  must be responsive to the dreams of the people and give expressions to the hope and aspiration of the masses.

Artists and litterateur have the responsibility to stand against injustice and exploitation ,and to educate people against dogma and superstition.They must speak to people in the language of love joy and  compassion .They are the true representatives of the neglected and the oppressed they are the unfailing guardians of society.As

P.R. Sarkar has said “they are the beacons of the present,the minstrels of the past and the messenger of the future”.


Aims & Objectives of Renaissance Universal

1.To propagate the values of Neo-Humanism to develop means and measure for the welfare of all living entities and provide to all people of the world full scope for supreme fulfillment.

2.To create common forum for the moralists of the world irrespective of  their socio-politico-religious affiliations.

3.To educate and enlighten the individual and collective mind concerning the dreadful consequences of narrow and fissiparous philosophies and help people imbibe the holistic and universal values of Neo-Humanism.

4.To encourage creative and value-based art,architecture,sculpture,music dance,drama and literature through RAWA (Renaissance Artists and writers Associations).

5.To encourage the application of philosophy,art.literature and scientific innovation for all around collective welfare.

6.To work for the harmonious consistent and progressive development of all the facets of human life:physical mental and spiritual.

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